Written Reviews

The best! Now I’m not stuck with one utilitarian black bag because I’m too lazy to unload all of its compartments just to use another bag for a few hours. Free at last…

I have never written a review on anything in my life–before now. This is the best thing that ever happened to handbags! I travel about 70% of the year. I just recieved a Purse Perfector as a gift from a dear friend. This is an absolute must for those women who have no time in their lives for much of anything – especially not to fumble for “stuff” in the bottom of a bag or to leave critical things when changing bags.

The Purse Perfector inventor is the: Picasso of purses; Eienstein of evening bags; Hawking of handbags; Bach of backpacks; Faraday of fanny packs; Descartes of daybags; Newton of new bags…well, you get the message.

This is well worth purchasing! 5++++ stars!


I just received mine. I purchased the large and it is WONDERFUL! I don’t know how I lived without one before.

A quick note to congratulate you on the Purse Perfector! It’s a first-rate invention and your company has excellent customer service.

No description really does justice to actually using this intelligently and thoughtfully designed organizer. The medium-sized Purse Perfector fits just right in the smallish, cross-body/messenger style bag I use most of the time, but also in my much smaller leather evening bag — and everything in between. It’s especially helpful for easily forgotten items such as my subway card and pedometer.

The Purse Perfector takes the PAIN out of changing purses, so I can maintain my “diva” style. :-)!

Thanks – I love it.

I LOVE the organizer and it has revolutionized the inside of my purse. Now my two sets of glasses stand upright; my lipsticks are not buried in the bottom; my wallet sits squarely in the middle; my checkbook is within reach. What a great product you’ve designed and manufactured…I love this and it will inspire me to buy more handbags knowing now how easy it will be to transfer all of my stuff from one bag to another.

I am thrilled!!! Thanks so much.

I purchased this. It has already saved me lots of time by cutting down on how much I look for things.

I am trying to purchase as many “Made in America” items as I can and was thrilled when I found your site on line.
Congratulations and my appreciation for developing such a wonderful product.
Best wishes for continued success!

The Purse Perfector is great for purses, but I also use it when switching briefcases – it makes it easy to present a professional color-coordinated image … and I can find things quickly.

The Purse Perfector is just the right size for my bags and lightweight too. Plus you can unzip the middle part to form two small purse organizers. It’s more expensive than others I’ve seen, but I’m very satisfied.

I bought a medium Purse Perfector, I liked it so much 1 week later I ordered a large one. Cant wait for it to arrive, I love being able to reach in my purse to organization. what a GREAT idea and cause!!

I just received my large purse perfector, I just love it. Now, for the first time, I can find anything I need without digging in my purse for 10 Minutes. One of the best investments I have made in a long time.

I have had so many different kinds of purse organizers. This is hands down the very best. It is made of great quality and the functionality is awesome. I was on the fence about purchasing it because of the price but I am so glad I did. It really is worth it. Made here in the USA and it gives disabled folks a job. Well done! I definitely recommend this to every woman out there.

My cousin showed me hers…that’s all it took! Showed my mother-in-law and she had to have one too. Thanks!!

I love my Purse Perfector! I travel frequently and often have to transfer my “stuff” from purse to briefcase to suitcase. I always know exactly where my wallet, phone, glasses, business card and hotels keys are, and the purse perfector helps keep me organized and professional in every situation. I will not leave home without it!

This little insert is the best of it’s kind on the market and for the past year has reduced my stress levels ten fold.

I just received my Purse Perfector today. It is so rare for me to write about any product but as a bit of a handbag junkie, I feel compelled to let you know that you have created the most fabulous innards for any bag.

Last week, as I was digging around in the bottomless pit that is my bag, I thought, there has got to be a product out there that one can stick into a bag to keep things in place. I think I plugged in “handbag organizer insert” into a search engine and came across www.purseperfector.com. I immediately placed an order for a medium Purse Perfector.

I will be telling all of my family, friends and colleagues about the Purse Perfector — female or male.

By the way, the note with my name handwritten on it and signed by you, is a very, very nice touch.

Thank you!

Love, love, love the Purse Perfector – so easy to switch purses – styles and colors whenever I want instead of dumping everything on my bed! The price is worth it ladies – its an investment. I purchased the medium and will be ordering the large very soon. Thinking of giving one to my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas this year, too!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Purse Perfector! Anyone that carries a purse needs one of these! My purse may actually match my outfit every day now…yes, it’s THAT EASY to change purses now!! Thank you!

My best friend had one of these and she got me one for Christmas – I absolutely love it, and now am getting these for all the Moms/Grandmas in the family as I think they’ll love them too 🙂

As a son, husband and father of three daughters, I have purchased a Purse Perfector for each of the women in my life. They have all been thrilled and use them daily! Purse Perfector is the perfect gift!

Just wanted you to know that I received my Purse Perfector today and I can already tell that this will “change my life.” I am always on the quest for the “perfect” purse, but as all us ladies know, it doesn’t exist because everything just ends up in a big mess no matter what. I’ve looked at many other purse organizers, but this one beats them all – it’s a real game changer.

I am so excited with this and will be telling all my friends and probably buying more for gifts. Thanks again for your personal attention to my ordering problem – this really made my day today!!

Sturdy, plenty of pockets and easy to move my “stuff” from handbag to handbag. Support Made in America!

Lyn, you are a genius. I LOVE this product!! It is so well thought out and so well made. I love almost everything about it. It IS pricey, but worth every dollar. I want to buy another one, but it is so easy to just move into another purse or bag, I can’t justify it. I can’t wait until Christmas to get this for my family!! I hope I will be able to save the surprise. The fact that it is made in America by great people who deserve a chance to contribute is a wonderful bonus. Who would think that you could make peoples lives markedly better with a purse organizer, but you have done it. Great Work!! Thanks!

I love it! Thank you!

I saw you on the local news last week and was interested not only in a product that I think every woman who carries a purse would love but that it’s MADE IN AMERICA too! I can’t wait to get it.

I recommend this product to all of my clients. It keeps me organized and makes life so much easier. The fact that it is made in the USA is just a bonus.

The ability to reach in, KNOWING where my glasses are, or keys are whatever is huge. Another big benefit is being able to switch purses quickly and easily without having to rearrange all the junk to settle into a new space. It makes finding things totally predictable, regardless of which bag or briefcase it’s in. Quite brilliant!

I have been using my Purse Perfector for over a year, and seriously believe that it is my most practical possession. I love it so much that I like to share the joy by giving it to friends as gifts. The Purse Perfector is a well executed, simple idea that really works. Made the USA and packaged by developmentally disabled – added bonus!

I purchased this. It has already saved me lots of time by cutting down on how much I look for things.

I have bought six total. Five for gifts…because I only need one.
That in itself is a wonder. LOVE this product. Made in the USA.
Makes you proud to give it as a gift.

Well, I have just ordered my third Purse Perfector and I’m sure there will be more orders to come. What a terrific idea with terrific execution—I love it! I think you have a really amazing product and the great thing is that it is not “made in China.” My daughter said it is her favorite present this year. I think you have solved my gift-giving dilemmas for the foreseeable future!

I absolutely love my Purse Perfector – never thought I’d find anything that really keeps all of my “necessities” in one place. I now have no fear of losing things in my very big bags!

One of the reasons I almost never change handbags is, I can’t bear to pack and unpack them. Something I need invariably gets left behind in the other bag. Now I can grab, stuff, and go. And maybe buy a new purse now.

Absolutely LOVE my Purse Perfector. I previously was a Nurse Manager, and it was great to be able to pick up my Purse Perfector and drop it into my other purses. Will and do recommend it to everybody I know. I am planning to order some for my family and friends for birthdays and holidays this year. Thanks so much for sharing your talent in makng the Purse Perfector for all women who have tried it. LOVE MINE! (several)..Thanks again!

I just received mine. I purchased the large and it is WONDERFUL! I don’t know how I lived without one before.

Absolutely AMAZING! Now I can go anywhere or anytime knowing I have the items I need. I am more relaxed having found & used Purse Perfector! I L-O-V-E mine!

Margaret really enjoys her new Purse Perfector Christmas gift. It’s already in full use inside her favorite daily-use carry bag.

Big hit. Big success. Many thanks.

I just wanted you to know that the Purse Perfector has changed the ways I use my purse. I can change purses in a flash and I do. I can find things by knowing what compartment I placed them in. Plus, I know I’ve got everything I need and expect to have with me when I go out the house with a new purse because my Purse Perfector is sitting in the bottom of my bag allowing me to get up and go without worrying “Do I have it?”

Just wanted to give some feedback on your invention…fantastic. Who knew that it would make such a big difference? Not being the most organized person and my purse reflecting that, it feels so good to reach for sunglasses, keys, my favorite lip gloss and put my hand on it immediately. And when someone asks for a business card, I deliver in one smooth gesture instead of rummaging and apologizing.

I bought the gray one for me and the blue for a girlfriend. This is the best gift you can give a girlfriend. My bag is now organized and I can lift it up and place it in a new bag with ease. I know where everything is when I reach over and don’t have to rummage at the bottom of the bag for items anymore. Thank you. And, I love it even more because it is Made in America.

Where has this been all my life?

The PursePerfector is WONDERFUL. I am going to give the medium sized one to a very precious friend. I definitely will be telling my gal friends about this and showing them mine. NOW I can use my Hobo purses.

Lyn, you are a genius. I can’t wait to see the excited faces of everyone who will enjoy the Purse Perfector as a gift this holiday season and beyond! So happy to see your wonderful success and marriage of a great idea to the non-profit world!

Thrilled With Purchase! I am so happy with the Purse Perfector. I had a different brand for larger purses and needed a smaller size. This one is just perfect, and I’m so happy that I can use the same one for all of my bags. Will be retiring my other brand now. Your quick shipping was an added bonus!

Lyn, I wanted to thank you for the Purse Perfector. I really like it. It makes finding things so quick and easy! Now I can have organization in any purse and can buy the ones I like without worrying about how organized they are (or aren’t).
Best of luck. I know you will be selling millions of them.

I read about this type of product on a blog, so searched on Amazon and found the Purse Perfector. I have several of the larger purses that are currently in fashion, and sometimes I carry a very large, completely unstructured bag to work. Although I like the style of these large bags, I hate how everything in the bag ends up in a snarl on the bottom, ending up in an odd weight distribution plus I can not ever find anything.

The Purse Perfector has a series of large and small pockets. I put my eyeglasses in the taller back pocket and my pen. My lip glosses, in their own little pouch, went in another pocket, and I used the front tabs for all my various security badges. I was able to put my cell phone in another pocket. Then, I emptied my purse and put the Purse Perfector in first, followed by all my other junk. I really like how the Perfector stops heavy items from clustering in one corner of the bag, and eliminates some of the need to dig around looking for things (usually at the most inconvenient moment).

You can unzip the Purse Perfector if you want to have something longer and thinner, but I haven’t needed to do that. I like this enough to buy another for my computer stuff, and it will also make a great gift. Final compliment, I chose the Purse Perfector over similar products because it is made in the USA–was delivered safely but not over packed, tissue paper in the pockets, no plastic smell, and a note from the company–all very nice!

For all of you thinking this is pricey, trust me – it’s the best $ you’ll ever spend! I frequently change my handbags and this makes it super easy since you only have to transfer the Purse Perfector. PLUS, everything has its own little place so no more digging through the bottom of your purse to find that lipstick. It really is a great product!

The best thing I’ve purchased to organize myself bar none! I am now much more willing to use the many pocketbooks clogging my closet!

Wow, what a great organizer, and I’ve had several. This one tops the cake. For Miche or Shelly handbag owners, it fits perfectly with room to spare. Coming from an OCD organizational freak, Purse Perfector is the very best. Initially, I took a hard gulp at the price. It’s worth every penny and then some. I’m back for two more as gifts. What better gift can you give someone? The gift of time and confidence.

Your Purse Perfector is the coolest thing ever! I love purses and can’t manage a trip past the outlet mall without a visit and purchase or two from Kate Spade. I have so many purses, but often plan my clothes for the day around what purse is currently loaded – i.e., can’t wear the red sweater today cause I’m using the orange purse. My mornings are frantic enough without worrying about the 10 minutes it would take to “change out” my bag contents. Problem instantly solved today! It arrived in today’s mail and I’ve already put everything in it and traipsed all over the office with my purse showing everyone how cool it is.

Well, you get five stars for service. My order arrived on Saturday. I put mine right to work and it is FABULOUS! I love it – great idea and great product. It’s so nice to be able to find things in what has always been kind of a bottomless pit of disorganization. Thank you!

Like a lot of people I was a little hesitant to purchase from the internet something like this that costs this much, but I was desperate for some purse organization. I didn’t buy this to go in my current purse, as I thought my purse was too flimsy/floppy for it to do any good, but I received it and tried it and it not only fits perfect but adds some extra support for my purse and is just what I need to make me love my purse again. I ordered a different purse to put it in but I didn’t need to since it works so well in the one I have now. I absolutely love it. It’s designed sensibly, wallet fits in the middle, easy in/easy out..and the pockets are perfect for my needs. I don’t carry a lot in my purse, mostly just essentials, but with this I can put things I wouldn’t normally carry like bandaids, tweezers and what not and know that it will stay put and be easily accessible. It is sturdy, well-made, and lightweight. I thought I would return it, but it’s a keeper.

I love how easy it is to switch purses now! All my lipsticks are in their place instead of rolling all over the bottom of purse. Love this:)

This is a great organizer. I’ve looked for years for a purse that had all the right pockets and was nice at the same time. Doesn’t exist. I found the Purse Perfector and am so thrilled! They come in two sizes. This is a Made in USA item. Additionally, they are packaged by developmentally disabled adults so that’s even another plus. I got one for my new Harvey’s Seat Belt bag and love it. If you have multiple purses you can just pull this out and plop it on another purse. No spending 20 minutes trying to get everything from one purse to another.

I looked long and hard for a purse organizer that would meet all my needs. When I found the Purse Perfector I was thrilled to finally end that search. Now my purse is beautifully organized and I couldn’t be happier!
Laura Wittman, owner of orgjunkie.com and author of “Clutter Rehab”

I L O V E the Purse Perfector! I plan to order some more for my daughters. Not only do I love the shape and structure, the most exciting part is the lightweight. I was thrilled to pick up the package from the mail to find barely any weight. Super product – Thank you.

I really like my Purse Perfector. The bottom of my purse is no longer home to “stuff” as I have a place for everything and I can move the PP from purse to purse…sweet.

My purchases arrived today and I am thrilled!! I am an organizational neat-nik and the Purse Perfector could not be more perfect. My only regret is that I did not invent it! Best wishes and continued success.

p.s. the packaging was fun!

Bought a medium sized one last month, just bought the large size today. Fantastic product, high quality and oh so versatile! WIN for the busy mom!

I have been wanting to write you ever since I met you at NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and bought 3 of your products.

How do I tell you that I absolutely LOVE my Purse Perfector? I knew I loved it when I first loaded it up and put it in my purse, but I loved it even more when I went away for the weekend last weekend and pulled it out and popped it in my backpack 1,2,3, voila!

Thank you for creating this wonderful organizing product and hopefully I’ll figure out a way to spread the word and help others “see the light”.

*Update* You can say for sure that the medium fits a Coach city messenger bag, PERFECTLY. Loving it! Thank you!

I received my package today and the Purse Perfector is as promised. I love that the things in my purse aren’t buried and everything is easy to find. Now every one of my bags can be organized. It is a great product. I’m very pleased.

We love our Purse Perfectors – really handy and work just like the demo. It will take away years of scrabbling around in purse depths.

I’ve only had mine for a week and I LOVE it. I bought the large size for my work tote, and today I just bought a medium size for my smaller purses and also got one for my mom. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!! Wish I thought of this idea!!

Super product. Very well made – does not flop over or collapse on itself. Everything stays nice, neat and easily accessible. This is the only one you’ll ever need – goes from purse to briefcase to carryon – and it’s completely made in the U.S.

I just received my new Purse Perfector and your personal note and I am so impressed with both! I am amazed with the quality and all the cool nooks and pockets. I bought the Large Silver Sage. I just received a rather floppy Michael Kors bag for Valentine’s Day and it was driving me nuts. 2 minutes after receiving the Purse Perfector and it even looks better! The other thing that I enjoyed was your note. In this day of digital, email and text (as I’m emailing 🙂 it really felt awesome to feel a personal touch. I wanted you to know that I think that’s a great thing and I appreciated it.

The quality of the Purse Perfector is unmatched! Awesome design, and great customer service. I only wish it came in a size that fit most of my purses. 🙁 Length is too long, and even the small section, unzipped and detached from the other side, is too tall. I love the vintage Coach bags, and most of them are really small. Keeping the Medium though, and searching for a big purse to use it with. 🙂
The Small or Mini would have a number of small tiny pockets for those of us who carry few, if any, one item that takes up a full pocket in the medium size. The mini could just be the smaller half of the small.
A pen/long thin item, section needs to be a loop, or set of loops, across the top, somewhere, for a small or mini. Digging these out of the bottom of a small purse, and potentially spilling out other tiny, often breakable things, is annoying. Adding this in case you have never used a small purse on a daily basis, and haven’t dealt with the fact that most things can not stand upright in one.

A mini would be, for my Coach Casino, 7″ L x 4″H x 1.5″W, max size, fully loaded. So perhaps 6″ x 4″ x 1″? The only one on the market in that size range has really poor construction, and design. I don’t think it was created by anyone actually struggling with small items, in a small purse.
Thank you so much for making these. Please, please make a small or, a mini! Already recommending you to anyone I know across the world, using large purses!

Were your ears ringing last night?

At the NY NAPO meeting there was a re-cap of Conference and someone mentioned your great product, then about 6 of us pulled our Purse Perfectors out of our bags and spent a few minutes raving.

And you know the classic purse that I have carried for 23 years? It is getting a rest because it is so easy and quick to swap-out my other purses.
Love it and know you are having great success making other women happy like me.

I always hated changing purses, such messy bags! This is one of my greatest finds. My purse is always neat and all I have to do is lift it out and put in a different purse. I so love the Purse Perfector!!!!!

Got mine last week and love it! I’ve always carried smaller bags and/or ones that were fairly easy to keep organized. Now, I’m carrying a floppy tote that I’m crazy about but until I got the Purse Perfector everything was lost in the bottom of the bag. Everything is organized now! It is a lot to pay but seems to be made well enough to last for years and, in my case, it was worth the investment for my sanity’s sake!

I believe the Purse Perfector is even BETTER than a designer handbag! I change my purse daily now and am finally enjoying my great collection of bags! What a super product!!!

Just had to give a quick testimonial!!! I got my Purse Perfector about 5 days ago. It arrived VERY quickly, and I put it to use immediately. I absolutely love it – it holds all my stuff, and I can find everything so quickly. I use a big bag, and I was tired of continually digging through it to find my keys, phone, etc. This PP is awesome – thanks so much!!!”

I received Purse Perfector yesterday at 4 PM yesterday and by 4:30 PM I had everything organized in my bag. Today, I had fun using it from the dentist to the gym to the local market. I knew exactly where everything was! I think this will make a great Christmas gift for females on my list.

I love this product! The medium size is perfect for me, and the design is ingenious. I didn’t realize until now that it is machine washable, too. You thought of everything! Thank you so much for helping me get organized.

Your creation is a wonderful invention. I’ve tried 3 other very cheap ones and they didn’t work well. Your product is well worth the $$. Received my Purse Perfector today and I’m loving it. Now everything has a home and doesn’t fall to the bottom of my purse.

i love mine. it’s like having the summoning spell from Harry Potter….i reach in & can automatically find what i’m looking for. 🙂

Just bought my large purse perfector and I love it!!!!!! My purse is so organized I want to cry – even my husband was impressed. Thanks 🙂

I also have never written about a product before. I almost bought an organizer that would not have even come close to your product. It has already saved me so much frustration and TIME. I just LOVE it! Bless you and thank you.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using my Purse Perfector for a week now and I love it. I was in NYC on Friday and there was no rummaging around in my purse, and a place for my metrocard and my train ticket and everything else.
I also discovered that I can leave both my cell phone and my iTouch in the Purse Perfector when I plug them in to charge and connect to iTunes. This is great since I am no longer likely to run out of the house without one or both of them. The computer and my desk is right next to the closet where the purses are stored, so it is an easy thing to grab the Purse Perfector, chose a purse and leave.

What a great invention! I’ve had a lovely Dooney Bourke purse that my husband bought me a couple of years ago, but it only has one big pit of a section and everything got lost inside. I love my new large Purse Perfector. It is worth the $$ and is very well made. Your customer service is wonderful. Thanks.

These look great! Great quality, made in the USA. I like the black best; they go with everything.

This is my second purchase. I ordered The Purse Perfector for my daughter and she absolutely loves it; I just had to order one for myself too. This is a fantastic product and your customer service is incredible!

Wishing you continued success.

I found you online after doing a Google search for “purse organizer.” A friend
was showing off one she purchased at Walmart, and yours is much better. I am buying one for my sister, my daughter and myself. They’ll be great Christmas presents!!

I learned about Purse Perfector from a local feature story. I wanted to support a hometown woman entrepreneur and if the product helped even a little in improving my hopelessly cluttered purse, it would be icing on the cake. In this case, my good deed turned into a great reward. My purse is neat, organized and I can retrieve items with one hand. No more panic because I can’t find my car keys or my work badge or my wallet. And, I love seeing the bright, cheerful berry color peeking out of the neutral colored leather purse. This is what designed for women by a woman is all about!

I had no idea how much daily SATISFACTION I’d get out of it until I bought one. Thank you, Lyn.

I am a designer and organizer. My large purses have always been unmanageable. I really like my purse organizer…the craftmanship is beautiful and the product is very very functional.
Thanks for creating such a useful product.

Thank you so much for your commitment to the military. I inquired about shipping to an overseas address, and the follow-up was tremendous! I will tell everyone about the excellent customer service! Thank you for supporting the military overseas!

I got the large Purse Perfector to fit inside my new Harvey’s seatbelt bag. I LOVE the Purse Perfector. I can find everything in a jiffy. My Kindle fits right between the large and small sides when they are zipped together. This is an awesome product. Been showing it to my friends and now they are wanting one.

In 30 seconds my purse went from a pile of chaos to organized! I have been so thrilled with the results!

Is it possible to give a product a standing ovation? Like a lot of women I know, I have become purse-crazed over the last few years and – I hate to admit this – have been admiring my colorful collection from a distance instead of switching into one or the other of them. It’s just too much trouble. No more! My new Purse Perfector has freed me to actually use my handbags. My friends say, “Wow, cute purse! Is it new?” I respond no, but this is, pulling out my nifty turquoise secret. Thank you for organizing me. Now, what do you have for the rest of my life?

Your early birthday gift to me..NO LIE…saves me about 90 minutes PER DAY; on a good day, that is the amount of time I used to spend (annoyed) digging through my purse looking for glasses, pens, gum, keys, phone, pens, lipstick, hand sanitizer, credit card holder, and on and on. I get such a weird little thrill opening my purse and badda bing, badda boom, whatever I am seeking is staring me in the face (is that phrase in the Bible?!)