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What’s in Your Purse Perfector?

I often have different facets and needs during the day. In fact, it was my attempt to keep everything at my fingertips that led to the creation of the Purse Perfector in 2001.

During a regular day or week, I always have my sunglasses and reading glasses, lipsticks and glosses, nail file, pens, highlighter and Tide-To-Go pen along with my wallet in the tall section of my Purse Perfector.

In the short section, I stash a credit card-size magnifying glass, pressed powder, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, a small supply of sinus pills, soap leaves, mints, two phones, hand cream, a pad of paper and business cards.

In the center pocket, I have shopping lists and coupons, loyalty cards on a key chain, a packet of tissues in a lovely origami-style fabric case, car and house keys, and sometimes, my Kindle. All stashed in the medium or original size Purse Perfector.

An added benefit of “zoning” my items in the Purse Perfector is that I have an opportunity to carry a little bit of art tucked into the center pocket between the two sections of the Purse Perfector.

I was so delighted to find that my Kindle 2 fit so nicely in the center pocket (I learned that from my sister Karen) that I find I grab the Kindle anytime I think I might have to wait for anything. But as you can see in this photo, I’ve added a gel skin to my Kindle that I just love. The design is taken from a Van Gogh painting I liked so much in Amsterdam, that I bought a little plate with the image. So I was delighted to find the GelaSkins Kindle Skin on Amazon for $19.95. It goes on very easily because it uses 3M adhesive just like PostIts, so you can be sure you have placed it correctly. They have other great designs available, too.

A friend who shares my passion for fabric and sewing makes the clever origami tissue holder. Leslie Alexandria is a fiber artist who “sews” fabric collages and taken her original interest in quilting into the realm of art with her great use of color and ability to find and create beautiful fiber art. You can see some of her fiber artwork here.

My last little piece of art is a pretty piece of turquoise that was made into a key chain that was given to me by my friend Jolynda. Rather than relegate it to a drawer with just a couple of keys, I decided to put all my mini-loyalty cards on the keychain. It’s a convenient way to manage all those cards so I can leave them at home when traveling out of the country. I tuck the little stack of cards into the pocket and let the keychain dangle to the side of the zipper, so they are easy to find in any size purse when I’m in the checkout lane of the grocery store.

So what’s in your Purse Perfector that makes your life easier? Please leave a comment and tell us about it.

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