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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day just a week away (Sunday, May 8), you’re no doubt seeing plenty of ads for flowers, jewelry and other traditional gifts for this annual celebration of moms in your life.

But if you think your favorite mom, mother-in-law or grandmother would prefer something a little less conventional, try one of these gift ideas to show your love and appreciation:

Nurture her favorite hobby.

Nearly everyone has some passion or interest other than work, family and daily tasks. Whether the mom you’re buying for pursues her hobby often or only once in a while, give her something that helps her do it more frequently or enjoyably. A bucket of golf balls for the golfer, gardening tools for the gardener, concert tickets for the music lover … you get the idea.

Give the gift of your time.

Does any mom ever get enough quality, one-on-one time with her children/grandchildren? Offer up a couple of hours to take her out to lunch, a movie, park or museum, shopping – wherever you’d both have fun doing something together. Turn off your phone and really pay attention to her. She’ll definitely appreciate the time with her loved ones more than any bouquet of flowers.

Make one aspect of her life easier.

Moms work so hard, don’t they? All year long, they’re taking care of others, at home, at work, in their communities. Consider a Mother’s Day gift that eases her workload a little bit or improves her daily life. For example, the Purse Perfector is an ideal way to help Mom get organized in a jiffy—and it allows her to seamlessly shift roles, from work bag to diaper bag, travel carry-on to gym bag. Other make-life-easier gifts include services like housecleaning or lawn mowing, or handy tech gadgets like an Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad.

Turn special memories into visual mementoes.

These days, you can do so many amazing things with your family photos, home videos, special songs and heirlooms. There’s still time to create a gift for Mom that helps her remember a special time, place, person or moment. You could have a family portrait or snapshot of her grandchildren turned into a beautiful canvas print, or make a necklace with her children’s names engraved on the pendant. Get creative—the possibilities are truly endless!

Whatever you end up doing for the mothers in your life, just remember to express your genuine feelings and make each mom feel special. A gift is just the icing on the cake.