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TSA Travel Tips with Purse Perfector

The intersection of heightened summer travel and lengthy airport security lines has resulted in a snarky campaign dubbed hashtag #IHateTheWait. Recently the situation was most evident at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport where security lines snaked so far throughout the airport that 450 travelers missed their flights and were forced to spend the night on airport cots.

Why the sudden extra-long lines for airport security? According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the number of airline passengers has increased 12% since 2011 while the number of screeners has declined by 12%, the victims of federal budget cuts. With 6,000 fewer TSA screeners than three years ago, one doesn’t know what to expect anymore when flying.

It’s best to be prepared. Here are some TSA travel tips:

  1. Prevent purse spills and save time. Don’t you just hate it when your bag is forced to lean sideways along the security conveyer belt? When you retrieve your purse on the other side, the contents are spread everywhere, often midst other passengers’ belongings. The solution: using a Purse Perfector will keep your purse or bag contents securely in place so you can be on your way to the gate instead of taking inventory of your belongings.
  2. Be ready for the long waits. Purse Perfector is, well, perfect, for holding the emergency supplies that have become a must nowadays for airline travelers. In addition to your wallet, keys, tickets and book, here’s what some experts are encouraging you to have on hand (be sure to have any 3 ounce containers of liquids, creams or pastes in your quart-sized plastic bag):
  • Small tube of toothpaste and tooth brush for airport or in-flight tooth brushing
  • Hand and eye cream for in-flight and airport dry skin relief
  • Travel-sized pain reliever (for coping with those loooong lines)
  • A dosage of vital medications in case of unexpected delays
  • Face wipes that can also be used for body cleansing
  • A spot cleaning pen
  • A deodorant packet. I got mine after my annual mammogram screening.
  1. Sign up for a rapid check-in program such as TSA PreCheck or Global Entry for international travel. TSA PreCheck costs $85 and is good for 5 years and Global Entry is good for 5 years for a $100 fee.
  2. Fly from a smaller, less busy airport. For instance, instead of JFK, try Newark.
  3. Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They are considered the least busy days of the week.

Purse Perfector wishes you a smooth, hassle-free vacation season.

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