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This Blogger Is “In Love” … with Her Purse Perfector

We recently gave a Purse Perfector for review to Karen Eborall, a busy mom of two who blogs about her thoughts and opinions at Little World After All. It’s always interesting to hear how our handbag organizers help different people organize their lives. But we can’t help but blush when reviewers proclaim their outright love for Purse Perfector:

I’ve had this in my purse for about four days now and it’s absolutely perfect (no pun intended).  Like most women, I used to clean out my purse out of necessity a few times a year. Within a day or two (or an hour or two), my purse would look like a disaster once again. And so the cycle would go on and on. Or so I thought. Since I put this into use, my purse is still neat and organized.  I can reach in and instantly find what I’m looking for.  I wear prescription glasses and have sunglasses for sunny days. To know exactly where my glasses are every time I reach in while driving, is really such a lovely thing.

I am in love with my Purse Perfector.  It’s a fantabulous product for organizing something that’s used by me constantly throughout the day.

(Read the entire review at Little World After All.)

Thank you, Karen, for the kind words! We hope your Purse Perfector keeps your purse in order for years to come. And as soon as we invent the House Perfector, we’ll be sure to let you know.