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Tell America About Your Favorite Made-in-USA Product

We are tickled red, white, and blue that ABC News recently kicked off its “Made in America Summer” promotion.

Since launching a news series earlier this spring that focused on American-made products, they heard from thousands of people leading the charge with incredible ideas of must-have, made-in-America products. (Ahem, Purse Perfector, anyone?) Now, ABC plans on coming to see these homegrown inspirations first hand and helping to ignite new ones along the way.

Purse Perfector is proudly made in the USA. We think it’s important to help support our friends and neighbors, and help the US economy as a whole, by having Americans produce and package our high-quality handbag organizers.

If you love your Purse Perfector and want ABC to feature us (or another of your favorite American-made products) on “Made in America Summer,” we hope you’ll take a moment to fill out the submission form here. Perhaps Diane Sawyer will visit Cincinnati and show America how the Purse Perfector has organized her handbag. Come and see what the Great American Purse Organizer looks like, ABC!