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My Kingdom for a Hanger!

This post is part of our ongoing Year of GO (Get Organized) series, written by professional organizing experts who show you how to tackle clutter in one room or area of your home.

By Wendy Taddeucci

I would like to share some simple tips to help you clear your closet of what you don’t want, for what you do want!

  1. Take a look at your closet with fresh eyes. What is working? What is not working? What do you like? What do you hate? What do you want your closet to look like once it is organized?

If something is working, such as the way you have your shoes stored, then don’t waste time changing it. However, if something is not working – maybe your jewelry has formed into a massive clump and you are afraid to stick your hand in the box to retrieve something – then change it.

Write down your vision for the closet. For example – what you want it to look like, what you want it to feel like and even what you want it to smell like. Don’t laugh – if your closet smells like sneakers, you probably will want to change that.

The next steps involve sorting clothing and accessories by type and by color. I find that organizing clothing by type – short sleeved shirts, slacks and by color within the type makes selecting an outfit extremely efficient. So……that’s what I will be asking you to do below. Let’s start from the bottom up.

  1. Remove all of the shoes from your closet. Sort them by color. As you are sorting, place the shoes you no longer want, that are in good condition, in a donation box. Also place the shoes that you would not be caught dead in because they have holes, stains, etc. in the trash.

Select where you will be storing your shoes. Do you need to purchase a horizontal or vertical storage system? Return your keepers to the closet keeping them sorted by color.

  1. Remove all of your purses and wallets from the closet. Use the same process as sorting the shoes.

Do you need to purchase a container for your purses or would you like to hang them in your closet with a handbag file?

Return the purses and wallets to the closet keeping them sorted by color.

  1. Remove clothing from the closet. As you do this sort like items together such as pants in one pile, skirts in another, short sleeve blouses in another, etc.

Use the same method to de-clutter as you did with the shoes and purses. Decide what you no longer love or wear and donate gently used clothing.

Return the clothing to the closet keeping them sorted.

I will share this tip with you: When you return your clothing to the closet, turn all of the hangers backwards. This way, when the season is over you will know what you have not worn because it is still hung in the closet backwards.  Donate those backward items!

  1. Bejeweled

The product that keeps my jewelry easy to access and prevent it from piling up is a hanging jewelry organizer. I have two in my closet. I can see all of my jewelry and it makes accessorizing a snap.

Using the same method you have used with the other items in your closet, you will de-clutter and sort your jewelry. Return the jewelry to a hanging organizer or a jewelry box. Keep the items sorted. For instance, you will want to organize your rings in one or two rows in the hanging jewelry organizer, your necklaces in one or two rows, etc.

  1. Don’t get tied down.

Organize your scarves the same way you have organized the rest of your items. De-clutter and sort your scarves. Then return the keepers to the closet keeping them sorted. For instance, your patterned scarves together, greens together, blues, etc.

If you have the hanging room in your closet, you may want to consider a scarf hanger.


Or if you have a door to your closet, you may want to consider a hanging shoe organizer for your scarves. Here you can also store your socks, hosiery, hats, etc.

With an uncluttered, organized closet you are in control…and looking good.  An organized closet makes getting dressed fun!

Since the launch of Simply Organized, LLC in October of 2005 Wendy has worked with clients to control the clutter and set up systems to save them time and money. Wendy’s goal with her clients is to have them, “know what they have, where to find it and how to efficiently use it.”

A Golden Circle Member and an active member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), Wendy is also a trained provider for NAPO in the Schools.

Wendy is also a member of the ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization). Wendy has earned her Level II CD Specialist Certificate as well as her Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization.

Wendy has been featured in the media on TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, A & E’s Hoarders, WNDU-Channel 16 news, Lakes Magazine,, In Granger, Northwest Indiana Times and the South Bend Tribune as well as hosting Transformational Radio on WVLP 98.3. 

Learn more about Wendy at, on Twitter @OrganizerWendy, on Facebook Simply Organized.

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Changing Seasons with Purse Perfector

It’s the time of year when we shift our storage areas, clothes, coat closets and shoe racks from summer to fall and fall to winter.  At Purse Perfector, we thought we’d ask a professional organizer, Wendy Taddeucci of La Porte, Indiana, how she would alter the contents of her Purse Perfector as the seasons change.

Simply Organized, LLC was launched in October of 2005 and provides Wendy the opportunity to work with clients to control their clutter and establish systems that save time and money.  Wendy says that her goal is to have them, “know what they have and where to find it.”

Wendy agreed to share some of her Purse Perfector usage secrets with our blog when thinking about changing seasons.  She stated that, “this summer I kept my Purse Perfector loaded with a small tube of sunscreen, which I have swapped out in favor of a tube of hand cream for the fall and winter.  I don’t have to worry about the tube opening up or getting squished.  It’s secure in the Purse Perfector.”

Wendy also says that she most enjoys her Purse Perfector because of “the ease of use!  I loaded it up once and now I can swap out purses whenever I want.  I just remove the Purse Perfector from my current purse and place it into my new purse.  It’s so simple!”

Some more information about Wendy: She is an active member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers); she is a trained provider for NAPO in the Schools; she is a member of the NSGCD (National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization); and she has earned her Level II CD Specialist Certificate as well as her Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization.

Wendy has been featured on A & E’s Hoarders, WNDU Channel 16 News, as well as in print.

To learn more visit to find out how YOU can put clutter in its place!