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Purse Perfectors Around the World

Did you know Purse Perfectors are already in 56 countries, including all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia? Our handbag organizers are made in the USA, but they’re built to travel the globe. Help spread the word and feel free to leave a comment or photo sharing where in the world you used your Purse Perfector.

In the USA

1. Alabama
2. Alaska
3. Arizona
4. Arkansas
5. California
6. Colorado
7. Connecticut
8. Delaware
9. District of Columbia
10. Florida
11. Georgia
12. Hawaii
13. Idaho
14. Illinois
15. Indiana
16. Iowa
17. Kansas
18. Kentucky
19. Louisiana
20. Maine
21. Maryland
22. Massachusetts
23. Michigan
24. Minnesota
25. Mississippi
26. Missouri
27. Montana
28. Nebraska
29. Nevada
30. New Hampshire
31. New Jersey
32. New Mexico
33. New York
34. North Carolina
35. North Dakota
36. Ohio
37. Oklahoma
38. Oregon
39. Pennsylvania
40. Rhode Island
41. South Carolina
42. South Dakota
43. Tennessee
44. Texas
45. Utah
46. Vermont
47. Virginia
48. Washington
49. West Virginia
50. Wisconsin
51. Wyoming

52. Guam

Around the World

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Algeria
  3. Argentina
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Bahrain
  7. Belgium
  8. Bosnia-Herzegovina
  9. Brazil
  10. Canada
  11. Chile
  12. China
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Democratic Republic of Congo
  15. Denmark
  16. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  17. England
  18. Finland
  19. France
  20. Germany
  21. Greece
  22. Guatemala
  23. Ireland
  24. Italy
  25. Japan
  26. Jordan
  27. Kuwait
  28. Lebanon
  29. Luxembourg
  30. Malaysia
  31. Mexico
  32. Netherlands
  33. New Zealand
  34. Nicaragua
  35. Norway
  36. Oman
  37. Philippines
  38. Poland
  39. Portugal
  40. Puerto Rico
  41. Russia
  42. Rwanda
  43. Saudi Arabia
  44. Scotland
  45. Sierra Leone
  46. Singapore
  47. South Africa
  48. Spain
  49. Swaziland
  50. Sweden
  51. Switzerland
  52. Tunisia
  53. Turkey
  54. United States of America
  55. Venezuela
  56. Zambia
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Organizing Your Daypack for Travel

This post is part of our ongoing Year of GO (Get Organized) series, written by professional organizing experts who show you how to tackle clutter in one room or area of your home.

By Janice Russell

Planes, trains and automobiles. No matter what mode of transportation you take on a trip, you need to have some type of daypack. It’s like a purse…but different.

Six continents, 37 countries, 34 states. You see, I’m addicted to travel! And I’ve found one universal tip: The purse I carry on a daily basis isn’t acceptable for adventure travel. Sure, some items are similar. But many items are different. Also, the configuration of a daypack differs depending on several factors. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Who am I traveling with? Traveling with people you know gives you the ability to disperse some items between you.

What do I like and not like about my everyday pocketbook? Although your daypack will be different, how you “interact” with it will be similar. If you don’t like a big middle section in your purse, you probably won’t like it in a daypack. If you like having outside pockets to put certain items, then that will probably be helpful in your daypack.

Where am I going? Not city, state or country, but what activities will you be doing. A biking or hiking vacation is different from a cruise, which is different from a land vacation by bus.

When am I traveling? Weather is affected by the time of year and location. Average high and low temperatures, humidity and rainfall months can be found out in advance which gives you a general idea of what clothes and accessories you’ll need on a daily basis. If the average rainfall is .025 inches during your dates of travel, you probably don’t need a raincoat, umbrella and rain boots. One all-purpose rain poncho will suffice.

How am I traveling? Are you driving a car on your own schedule? Are you on a tour bus with periodic walking trips? Will you spend most of the day walking? Your daypack strategy will deviate depending on the length of time you will be away from your base of supplies. If you’ll only be gone a few hours at any one time, you don’t need as many items as you will if you’re gone all day.

Take the answers from above to help determine the configuration of your bag. Here are my criteria:

  • One or two small close-able pockets on the front for items like hand sanitizer and tissues
  • One long open pocket on the back for a small notepad
  • At least one zippered pocket inside
  • Long strap (to go across my body)
  • A large space in the middle (I use a Purse Perfector in my daypack!)

In addition, I like to have an outside pouch for a water bottle. BIG tip about water bottles: You can carry an empty one through security and fill it from a water fountain on the other side (if the water is safe) or purchase a larger bottled water and divide between any fellow travelers. I really like the Vapur water bottle because it packs flat when you don’t need it.

While some trips require immediate access to specific items, I always keep the following in my daypack:

  • Money (not all of it!) and a credit card
  • Identification
  • Painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin
  • Bandages
  • Tissues
  • Small container of sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunglasses
  • Journal/notepad
  • Writing utensils
  • Camera/extra batteries/extra memory card

I only put my rain poncho in the daypack if there is a chance of rain. I take a very small reusable tote (that packs inside itself), if I’ll be shopping. Depending on the location, I will include a small container of bug repellent and Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Relief Stick.

Because I travel quite a bit, I have three different daypacks: a small one when I just need a few basics, a medium-sized one when I need all the items in the list above plus a few specialty items and a large one when I’ll have to carry my rain poncho or other outer layer on a regular basis. If my daypack has to double as my personal item during plane travel, then I make sure to have room for my one quart resealable bag of liquids.

Want to know more about getting ready for a trip? I can’t cover it all right now, so feel free to check out 20 Time-Tested Travel Tips co-written with my travel  buddy, Jamee Thieme or our Organize Your Travel Facebook page.

Here’s to happy, safe and organized travel!

Developer of the Flexible Structure Method™, Janice and her team at Minding Your Matters® has an impressive reputation for helping clients achieve “flow”. “Flow” as Janice calls it, is the blissful state of having an organizational process that supports your life and lifestyle. A Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, Janice is also a Certified Organizer Coach and the author of “Get Organized This Year!”.  Janice’s practical and caring approach to organizing is the basis of her high-content live workshops and webinars.  Janice is a Golden Circle Member of National Association of Professional Organizers and Program Mentor Coach for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. She serves the organizational needs and challenges of both business and residential clients, as well as provides training intensives for fellow organizers nationwide. To enjoy meaningful tips and gain immediate access to all of Janice valuable resources, please visit her website at 

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Our Top Picks for Fun, Unique Wallets

We all need something to put our money, change, and credit cards in, but your wallet doesn’t have to be boring. We wanted to share some different kinds of fun, functional, and unique wallets we found.

If you’re a couponing type of gal, then this wallet might be just up you aisle. Savvycents ($28) markets to the fashionably frugal. This is a very nicely styled and good looking patent leather wallet. Savvycents was created by a woman who wanted her wallet to do things she couldn’t find in other wallets, so she made her own. (Hmmm….this sounds familiar!)

The wallet has an accordion-style file system with five sections inside that can be used to separate money, coupons, receipts, or anything else you’d like to carry but want organized. You even get file cards to label the different sections. The wallet also has a coin pocket on the back, a place for credit cards, your license, and your checkbook. This wallet does it all — a place for everything and everything in its place.

Unique or vegan might be more your style. But you don’t want to sacrifice quality or beauty in the process. Well,  you’re in luck. We found this little gem of a shop on Etsy. Cotton Purr makes some wonderful looking wallets which are also perfectly functional. The compartments and sections you’d expect in a wallet can all be found here.

All of the wallets are made from cotton and are made to order. In fact, you can build your own wallet by choosing which fabrics you’d like to have used. JoJo, who owns Cotton Purr, has received excellent feedback from her customers who rave about their new wallets. Price varies depending on what you choose – the style shown here is $48.

If you gravitate toward true works of art and want a leather wallet, look no further than Anuschka. This family-run business takes unemployed and economically challenged young adults and teaches them to paint the works of art found on Anuschka items.

This clutch wallet has four full-length slit pockets, two full-length zip pockets, 12 card slots, an ID window, a gusset compartment, and a zippered and slit outer pocket combo.

This wallet will surely last you for many years to come and complimented with every use. The one shown here retails for $114.

Our final two selections are a bit more on the fun side……

Milkmuny makes not only a fun and unique wallet, but boy-oh-boy is it creative. Milkmuny takes used milk and juice cartons and repurposes them into these clever little wallets.

The wallets are 3″ x 4″, have four card-sized accordion pockets; have a tough Velcro closure; are made in the USA; have a 45-day warranty; and are nearly waterproof. You get to have something fun and assuredly something unique for just $10. (Think ahead to the holiday season and buy in bulk — what a cute stocking stuffer.)


If you’re a crafty person and like to throw a fun party for your girlfriends, then do we have an idea for you. Chill a few bottles of wine, stop by your local craft store, and stock up on Duck Tape®. Yes, that’s right, Duck Tape; and get ready to have some fun! Don’t let this image we used sway you against this, you can make cheetah print, tie dye, checkered, and on and on — the possibilities are just about endless.

Duck Tape wallets are an absolute blast to make, and so simple, too! Watch this video to learn how. Maybe you wouldn’t want to use this for yourself, but you probably know of a child or even a teenager who would be thrilled and delighted with this super cool and definitely unique wallet.

You pull your wallet out of your handbag at least once a day and sometimes ten times in a day. Knowing you have to look at it, why not make it fun and get the job done at the same time? We hope you’ve enjoyed our choices of wallets.  If you have the perfect wallet, be sure to share with us in the comments section.

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6 Smart Ideas for Organized Packing

Whether you’re packing for a long summer vacation or a short business trip, we think travel always goes more smoothly when you’re organized. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite tips from around the web to help you stay organized on the road.

Itinerary cheatsheet

Fodor’s suggests you make an itinerary and print two copies out for your trip (plus additional copies if you’re traveling with a spouse or friend). A simple double-sided one-pager can do the trick. Keep your cheatsheet in your purse or daypack, and have it at the ready.

Mini first-aid and sewing kits

As The Container Store points out, it’s good to be prepared for the unexpected, but you don’t need to bring along the entire medicine cabinet to remedy the situation (or buy large quantities at the drugstore along your journey). Equip yourself with a small first-aid kit, along with a travel-sized sewing kit. They just might come in handy (and they don’t take up much room).

Leaky items in the bag

Anyone who’s had a shampoo bottle contaminate their whole suitcase knows to separate leaky stuff from your clothes and other items. That’s why suggests you fill zippered plastic bags with your shampoos, lotions, and anything else that might leak or spill.

Charge on the go

Busy travelers like you don’t have time to look for a wall outlet and wait for your smartphone to charge, right? The Atlanta Post‘s tech blogger recommends the Powermat Dual 1850 backup battery, which is about the size of a hockey puck, and when fully charged, can power your iPod or smartphone back up to almost 100% before its own power is drained.

Snack smart and light

You don’t have to rely on unhealthy fast food or overpriced airplane snacks. Carry a small, collapsing insulated bag and include a selection of healthy snacks, says Cynthia Ewer, editor of Organized Home.

Clothes that multitask

How many shoes and outfits can you squeeze into that suitcase? Make every item count with clothes and shoes that won’t need to be ironed, can be mixed and matched, and will stand up to a few days’ wearing without needing to be washed, advises BellaOnline’s Organization Editor Emily Wilska. She also recommends choosing shoes that transition well between the various activities you’ll be doing.

One organizer for your essentials

No matter what you decide to bring on your trip, the Purse Perfector will help keep it all organized and right at your fingertips. In fact, that’s how this handbag organizer came to be. Frequent traveler Lyn Marsteller engineered the Purse Perfector so she could change its configuration to accommodate a backpack, a small bag, a briefcase, or the rolling tote she takes on board planes.

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Big Week: Website Relaunch and #TypeACon

We’ve got a lot going on right now at Purse Perfector. Excuse us while we catch our breath!

First, our website,, got a facelift. Take a look — we hope you’ll find the updated site to be cleaner, better organized, and easier to use than ever. The site also features our new, easy-to-join affiliate program with for those of you who’d like to earn commission by selling Purse Perfector on your blogs/websites. A big thanks to John Contrino of Granite Web Design, Inc., for all his hard work on making this relaunch happen over the past few months.

And we’re packing up a whole lotta Purse Perfectors to take with us to the Type-A Parent Conference 2011 in beautiful Asheville, NC. As a conference sponsor and attendees, we’re looking forward to meeting lots of fabulous parent bloggers while we’re there. All those busy laptop- and iPhone-toting moms will have the opportunity to organize their purses and bags for work, travel, parenting–anything. We can’t wait to equip them with Purse Perfectors!

Look for our tweets and Facebook updates throughout the conference (we’ll be there Wednesday through Sunday). You can follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #typeacon.

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Have it All at Your Fingertips, Everywhere You Go

When the Purse Perfector is already part of your daily purse routine, you know where your normal crucial companions like your wallet, sunglasses and lipLarge Black with Silver Purse Perfector insert gloss are located.  Without switching anything, you can easily slide your passport into the middle compartment and your hotel key card into the back outside pocket for easy access.  During the travel itself here are 5 tips to simplify travel stress by using your Purse Perfector:

  1. Load your Purse Perfector with your daily essentials and return those items to the same place each time.  It makes finding your items by touch so much faster.
  2. While traveling, “zone” your liquids (lip gloss, hand sanitizer, etc.) in the same area so you can remove quickly and easily to go through airline security areas.
  3. Use the back pocket for your hotel key card.  With your phone in the shorter section, your phone won’t demagnetize your hotel key card and you can slip your key card out effortlessly to get into your room.
  4. Unzip 2 sides of the Purse Perfector and slide it into the front pocket of your rolling travel tote.  Remove the liquids for airline travel and roll onto the plane without juggling a purse too.  Pack an unstructured purse into your rolling tote and you will be ready to “reload” your purse when you reach your destination.
  5. For an active vacation, be sure to add small containers of first aid cream, band-aids, analgesics, or other medications into the shorter section.

Of course we can’t guarantee you’ll remember to pack your toothbrush, but at least you’ll remember your wallet to buy a new one in the airport…