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Win a Purse Perfector at Honest & Truly Blog

Quick! Head on over to this Honest & Truly blog review and enter for a chance to win a Purse Perfector.

Michelle writes about how she was our biggest skeptic and is now one of our biggest fans. She didn’t expect she’d like the Purse Perfector and in fact left it sitting around for a few months after we gave her one to try out.

She gives it to you straight up (as her blog title indicates), explaining how she initially didn’t see the need for a purse organizer. Now she’s taking the Purse Perfector out of her purse to show it off to her friends! (We’re awfully glad she came around.)

The Honest & Truly Purse Perfector giveaway runs now through October 11. Enter to win one for yourself, or if you already have one, Purse Perfectors make ideal gifts!


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More Blogger Love for Purse Perfector

We’re always interested to hear what our customers think once they’ve taken their Purse Perfectors for a spin. In the case of bloggers, they happen to be a lot more public–and vocal–about their experience.

Most recently, two bloggers talked about how the Purse Perfector worked for them. Here’s what they said:

Stacey Nerdin: Tree, Root, and Twig

I have absolutely loved my Purse Perfector and use it in my purse every day. I love how it keeps things so organized, but doesn’t take up too much room in my purse. I still have plenty of space around the product to store books, sippy cups, snacks, or whatever needs to be thrown into a busy mom’s purse! And even though I have the smaller of the two available sizes, I still have plenty of room for more items if needed.

Read more of Stacey’s review of her Purse Perfector at Tree, Root, and Twig.

Shell: Things I Can’t Say

I’ve actually been able to keep my purse organized in the month that I have been using the Purse Perfector. Something else I love about it is that I can take it out, put it into a different purse, and have everything I need.


I have a spot for my driver’s license, credit cards, gift cards, checkbook, coupons, insurance cards, business cards, receipts, pens, and lip gloss. There’s even room for my phone and my small point and shoot camera.

Our thanks to Stacey and Shell for trying out the Purse Perfector and sharing their thoughts with their blog readers.
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Our Latest Fan: “Life Is a Verb” Author Patti Digh

We had the good fortune to meet writer Patti Digh at the Type-A Parent blogging conference in Asheville, NC, where she was a keynote speaker and also signed copies of her latest book, Life Is a Verb. Patti expressed interest in trying a Purse Perfector to tame her messy handbag, and she was genuinely thrilled with the results. Take a look at Patti’s “on the spot” video review of her Purse Perfector:

And the feeling is mutual, Patti! We were just as taken with her book, which is both beautifully written and designed as a guide to “37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally.” If you’re not familiar with Patti’s work, you should visit her blog, 37days, where she explores finding meaning in the small things of life–and of living like you’re dying. Well worth reading, and revisiting.

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Another fab review!

Check out another great review for the Purse Perfector by the website:

Kathi Burns, CPO and Author of How to Master Your Muck writes, “I was asked to test out a new product recently and I have to say – I love it. This entrepreneuer has designed a clever new way to clear the everyday muck from our handbags!…”

Read the whole article here:

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Testimonials from the PP Facebook Page:

Check out the Facebook page and become a Fan of Purse Perfector.

I thought I was organized until I got the Purse Perfector, and now I really am! I love it! -Meredith

The first time that I saw the Purse Perfector I said, “I wish I had invented it”! -John

I love my Purse Perfector!

Also, I gave my mother her pink one for her birthday Friday. It was a huge hit! She kept saying, “This is so clever…”.

Thanks so much! -Marsie

I love how I can zip the Purse Perfector apart to move it to a smaller evening bag! No more last minute scramble when rushing out the door! -Holly

This is the one I have! I *love* it! I have been telling people about it, showing it off, and referring them like crazy since I’ve gotten mine. It holds SO MUCH! I *love* the massive amounts of pockets! And its really pretty as well! 🙂 -Lauren