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Stellar Organizing Tips for 2016 with Lyn Marsteller

Organizing Tips for 2016 with Lyn Marsteller

Ready to tackle that New Year’s resolution to get better organized? Purse Perfector Founder Lyn Marsteller has some “stellar” tips for you on organizing your drawers and closet space. She appeared in two segments on Fox 19 News with some practical organization ideas for everyday life. She also provided some great advice on packing for travelling and of course using your Purse Perfector throughout your journey. Click here to see Lyn in action.

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So What’s That Space Between the Driver’s and Passenger Seat Called?

Have you ever wondered what to call that area between the passenger and driver’s seat? It’s that cool, non-descript storage area in most cars that is hidden by an armrest. It’s really no longer the CD holder since music is now streaming. And since the arm rest covers it, it’s not exactly a safe spill-proof Starbucks hideaway. For many, it’s the equivalent to the kitchen junk drawer.

When performing a search for the answer, I got much more that I bargained for. There is quite an international controversy over whether it is part of the center console or simply “the place under the armrest.” Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon numerous articles with titles such as “How to Add Secret Compartments to Your Car to Hide Anything: A Complete Guide for the Criminal in All of Us.” Right in front of me were instructions on how to make an under-seat compartment to stash contraband and how to create a handy nook in your center console for firearms lacking a concealed carry permit.

Let’s face it. Most of us just want a place to neatly store our essentials for easy retrieval.

That’s where Purse Perfector fits in. It’s for more than just purses. Simply place your favorite large size Purse Perfector in the compartment and fill it with the necessities: sunglasses, lip stick, chap stick, hand sanitizer, tissues, loose change, cough drops, parking passes, and a book or Kindle to read when you are waiting to start the carpool. Everything is there without having to dangerously stretch to the passenger seat or floor. It is safe, tidy and, with a quick flick of the armrest, no one has to ever wonder what you are trying to hide in your car.