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Getting Around to Procrastination Day

National Procrastination Day – September 6, 2016

It’s almost here. The time to take charge. The time to say to yourself, “I’m finally going to do this.”

Yes, September 6 is National Fight Procrastination Day. As an added, cruel twist of fate, the day falls on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend when we are supposed to focus on what we do—not what we don’t do.

It’s the occasion when people get a temporary shot of inspiration and start spewing famous quotes our mothers told us like “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Or the stinging question, “do you know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea? Nothing.”

So if procrastination is opportunity’s assassin, we better start dodging the bullets. It’s time to get around to recognizing this national day that I am certain was not created by slackers. I invite you – no, I challenge you – to list the top five things you have been avoiding and how you are going to tackle them. Five is manageable. If it were 10, you just may not get the ball rolling.

Five Organization Tasks I have been Avoiding

Here are mine:

  1. Organize my handbags in my closet
  2. Get fall purses ready
  3. Use a Purse Perfector to sort supplies in my sewing basket
  4. Organize my granddaughter’s Shopkins in a Purse Perfector
  5. Figure out what Shopkins are

Obviously, I have a theme and it has to do with continuing to organize my life with Purse Perfector. What are your action items for National Fight Procrastination Day?

Well, my procrastination gene kicked in full-force and I wasn’t able to post this blog about National Fight Procrastination Day until the day after! I’ll be better next year…

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Home Office Zones

I’m pleased to have Lisa Woodruff as a guest blogger. Lisa brings a wealth of organizing knowledge to us. Her focus in this post is how to organize your home office.

Home Office Zones | Organize 365

Working from home creates flexibility, opportunity and chaos! Very often, the home office is also the HOME office. Family paperwork, photos and kids’ artwork mix with business proposals and deadlines.

Home Office Zones | Organize 365

And then your office looks like this. Flexibility in your schedule and work location make you a great home-based worker. So, let’s think outside the box with your office space, too.

Home Office Zones | Organize 365

The first step is to empty EVERYTHING out. Even the pile behind the door! Pitch liberally and relocate anything you can out of the office area.

Home Office Zones | Organize 365

Next, look at the bulk of what you have left and match the size of the pile to the size of the furniture you have to work with. In this office, most of the true business work was reduced to one file drawer and a computer. That left this 2 drawer lateral file completely open for family storage.

The hanging files on the right were perfect for storing the youngest child’s artwork and memories. But using boxes, the left side of the drawer was able to hold all the loose photos we found while organizing.

Home Office Zones | Organize 365

The bottom of the lateral file gave each of the other 2 children ample space for their memories, too.

Lisa Woodruff_RGB_1 (1)

Lisa Woodruff shares her organizational tips, her entrepreneurial spirit and humor to encourage other moms on her blog,“Helping you organize your home and your home based business”. Lisa is a direct sales trainer and has helped hundreds of women successfully organize and monetize their businesses. Her podcast and training information is available at

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Are Loyalty Cards Dragging You Down?

How much does your purse weigh? Most of you are probably shrugging your shoulders, but thinking “Too much!” On average, most purses weigh 7 to 10 pounds. What’s the one item in your purse that weighs the most? If you answered wallet, then you’re right!

Anything you can do to lighten the load is a bonus, which is why we found and fell in love with a great smart phone app called Key Ring. Using this app will take some weight out of your purse and off your shoulders, both figuratively and literally.

Pick a card, any card

Remember back a few years ago. You were out shopping and when you checked out, you were asked if you wanted a loyalty card–to earn points, cash back, special offers–and all lured you in. Before you knew it, you had a bulging stack of cards in your wallet.  It wouldn’t close anymore (think George on Seinfeld) so you had to get a second wallet just to store the blasted loyalty cards. The big question with these cards is, can you find the right one when you need it? Even if you keep them in a special compartment in your purse organizer, you still have to drag them out and spread them out on the counter like you’re getting ready to perform a magic trick, hoping the right one jumps into your open hand.

Let Key Ring do the heavy lifting

Well, no more. You can still get the savings, but without carrying around extra cards. We researched various ones and found a nifty app, Key Ring, that does the heavy lifting for you. It stores your loyalty cards right on your smart phone, freeing up precious space in your purse and giving you optimized savings at the touch of your finger. We chose this app based on positive customer reviews and because it works on iPhones, Androids, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry devices.

Once you download the app, you simply open the app, select “Add Card” and then you can scan your loyalty card. Our test phone was an Android, and unfortunately we couldn’t get any of our loyalty cards to scan, so we had to input them manually.  At a minute per card, this was easy to do and wouldn’t stop us from using this app going forward.  If the merchant is signed up with Key Ring (and hundreds are), the card will be stored with a logo image of the store.

Every card at your fingertips

How does this work from there?  Whenever you’re ready to check out, instead of pulling out the actual store loyalty card, you pull out your phone, open up Key Ring, select the right card and have the cashier scan your phone. We found that sometimes it scanned and sometimes it didn’t. Regardless, the cashiers were able to manually input the loyalty card number and we were still walking around with a much lighter purse.

This app doesn’t just lighten the physical load in our purse. Our favorite part of the app is the ease in finding a “card” on our phone. Cards are stored alphabetically making it quick and easy to select the correct one every time. (Have you ever had the nightmare of a store scanning the wrong loyalty card and having it work?) Sorting out those messes is time-consuming and easily avoided when using something as easy as Key Ring.

An additional bonus is special offers and coupons offered directly through the Key Ring app.

We’re all about organizing and streamlining here at Purse Perfector, and we think this is a great little tool to help you along the way. Why make it harder than it has to be?

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Our Top Picks for Fun, Unique Wallets

We all need something to put our money, change, and credit cards in, but your wallet doesn’t have to be boring. We wanted to share some different kinds of fun, functional, and unique wallets we found.

If you’re a couponing type of gal, then this wallet might be just up you aisle. Savvycents ($28) markets to the fashionably frugal. This is a very nicely styled and good looking patent leather wallet. Savvycents was created by a woman who wanted her wallet to do things she couldn’t find in other wallets, so she made her own. (Hmmm….this sounds familiar!)

The wallet has an accordion-style file system with five sections inside that can be used to separate money, coupons, receipts, or anything else you’d like to carry but want organized. You even get file cards to label the different sections. The wallet also has a coin pocket on the back, a place for credit cards, your license, and your checkbook. This wallet does it all — a place for everything and everything in its place.

Unique or vegan might be more your style. But you don’t want to sacrifice quality or beauty in the process. Well,  you’re in luck. We found this little gem of a shop on Etsy. Cotton Purr makes some wonderful looking wallets which are also perfectly functional. The compartments and sections you’d expect in a wallet can all be found here.

All of the wallets are made from cotton and are made to order. In fact, you can build your own wallet by choosing which fabrics you’d like to have used. JoJo, who owns Cotton Purr, has received excellent feedback from her customers who rave about their new wallets. Price varies depending on what you choose – the style shown here is $48.

If you gravitate toward true works of art and want a leather wallet, look no further than Anuschka. This family-run business takes unemployed and economically challenged young adults and teaches them to paint the works of art found on Anuschka items.

This clutch wallet has four full-length slit pockets, two full-length zip pockets, 12 card slots, an ID window, a gusset compartment, and a zippered and slit outer pocket combo.

This wallet will surely last you for many years to come and complimented with every use. The one shown here retails for $114.

Our final two selections are a bit more on the fun side……

Milkmuny makes not only a fun and unique wallet, but boy-oh-boy is it creative. Milkmuny takes used milk and juice cartons and repurposes them into these clever little wallets.

The wallets are 3″ x 4″, have four card-sized accordion pockets; have a tough Velcro closure; are made in the USA; have a 45-day warranty; and are nearly waterproof. You get to have something fun and assuredly something unique for just $10. (Think ahead to the holiday season and buy in bulk — what a cute stocking stuffer.)


If you’re a crafty person and like to throw a fun party for your girlfriends, then do we have an idea for you. Chill a few bottles of wine, stop by your local craft store, and stock up on Duck Tape®. Yes, that’s right, Duck Tape; and get ready to have some fun! Don’t let this image we used sway you against this, you can make cheetah print, tie dye, checkered, and on and on — the possibilities are just about endless.

Duck Tape wallets are an absolute blast to make, and so simple, too! Watch this video to learn how. Maybe you wouldn’t want to use this for yourself, but you probably know of a child or even a teenager who would be thrilled and delighted with this super cool and definitely unique wallet.

You pull your wallet out of your handbag at least once a day and sometimes ten times in a day. Knowing you have to look at it, why not make it fun and get the job done at the same time? We hope you’ve enjoyed our choices of wallets.  If you have the perfect wallet, be sure to share with us in the comments section.

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To Do or Not to Do: 3 Online Task-Managers to Try

To-do lists: They help us stay organized and remember important things in our own life and in the lives of friends and family.

Creating paper lists can be helpful, but then what happens when you lose that crucial piece of paper? This has happened to us so frequently we’ve decided there must be a better solution out there. We did some digging around and decided to share what we found.

We’re going to look at online to-do lists that also have companion mobile apps. Being constantly on the move means the one thing we’ll hopefully not forget when leaving home is our phone. (Don’t you feel so out of sorts when you do forget it?)

Ta-da Lists is perhaps the simplest program available. It’s a program that can create to do lists and nothing more. It has little check boxes that you check off when a task is completed (such a satisfying thing!). You can create multiple lists and you can share them with friends. We thought this would be a good thing for planning a party or event with a friend – this way you won’t end up with lots of plates and napkins but no cake on the big day.  Ta-da Lists is free and has a mobile app for the iPhone.

Remember the Milk has lots of features and because you can access this from any smart phone, it’s probably more universal. One feature we really liked is adding to your task list directly from your phone or any computer. All you need to do is send yourself an email and it will automatically be added to your list.

You can also organize your tasks by location. Quickly map out the most efficient way to get all of your errands done and get on to more fun things! If you like to include notes with your to do items, this application allows you to do that as well.  Finally, if you have things you want to have on your to do list every week or every month, you can set any task up to repeat as often as you’d like.

 What we liked about Toodledo is the ability to prioritize tasks and include goals. How you create your lists and how they look is determined by you – it’s very flexible and customizable. Like Ta-da,  you can share your list with others for things you’re working on together with  your friends or family members. You can access your lists on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry cell phone. Using Toodledo is free.

There are many many more choices available. We’ve tried to limit the list to ones with a proven track record and ease of use.

How do you organize your tasks? Do you use a program we haven’t listed above? Please share your thoughts and comments with us.