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Be As Royal As Kate Middleton; You DO Have A Snowballs’ Chance!

Be As Royal As Kate Middleton; You DO Have A Snowballs' Chance!

You have the poise, the fashions and now the chance to have a regal, limited edition royal purple or a berry Purse Perfector.  This rich-looking purple is fit for, well, a princess. Have you ever wondered why all the fuss about purple being the color of royalty?

A lot of it has to do with Queen Elizabeth I.  Purple dye was rare and expensive those days. Wearing purple was a clever way to distinguish the monarchy from the Elizabethan subjects. The queen forbad everyone except close members of the royal family to have or wear purple attire and accessories.

Flash forward. We are free to indulge in as much purple as we want! You don’t have to wear a hat, drink high tea or be a resident of Buckingham Palace to enjoy your purple. Purse Perfector has you covered.  Could a purple Perfector be in the cards for the ever-organized Kate Middleton?  Or Queen Elizabeth?

Feel royal now by getting your limited edition Purse Perfector. But hurry before supplies run out. Here’s a quick link for ordering.

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The Many Uses of our Large Purse Perfector Purse Organizer

I had an interesting conversation last week with a few friends about the many ways they use their large Purse Perfector purse organizers. Of course, they use them in most of their purses, but they had other great ideas I want to share. One lady didn’t realize she could unzip her Purse Perfector to use only one half of the purse organizer in a small bag until I showed her my compact purse.Half M Black:Berry

Another shared that her mother used her Purse Perfector in the front of her walker in her retirement community and apartment. She then moves her purse organizer into a nylon bag when she goes out and that her items are always in the same place and easy to find.

Large Purse Perfector used for holding sewing tools
Large Purse Perfector used for holding sewing tools.



Kathy, my very talented sewing buddy, has two Purse Perfectors. She uses her large Purse Perfector to hold sewing supplies when she meets with friends to quilt or simply to move to another part of the house to do a little hand sewing. Don’t you love the tote she made for her Purse Perfector?


Large Navy with Silver with diapers and snacks

My friend Alicia was delighted to find that the center pocket of her Large Navy with Silver purse organizer neatly holds a couple of diapers! She uses another pocket for a few items for her son and still has room for her wallet, phone and lipstick and more.


Purse Perfector used for keeping biking supplies organized.
Purse Perfector used for keeping biking supplies organized.

Bobbi, the biking guru (she biked across America when she retired as an English teacher) had a few more thoughts. She stashes her wallet, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, snacks, lip gloss and other items in half of her Black with Berry purse organizer and places that in the small pouch strapped to her bike.

Purse Perfectors aren't just for purses! They can be easily transferred into a backpack for easy travel.
Purse Perfectors aren’t just for purses! They can be easily transferred into a backpack for easy travel.



Whether hiking in city or  in the mountains, you can easily manage camera gear, lip balm, sunglasses, note pads and whatever your daily needs might be. Professional organizer Janine feels she can outwit any pickpocket by cleverly tucking her Perfector in her backpack while commuting through New York City by subway, bus or trekking.


Many women have told me that they have a a solution for a long day either has taxi service for the family or on a driving trip. They take their purse organizer out of their purse and place it in the console of their car. Because of the tailored pockets and flat bottom of their Purse Perfector, they can easily switch it from the console back into their bag when they get out of the car. And they don’t forget their phone in the car after they pop the Perfector back in their bag!

I use a large Purse Perfector in my desk drawer for organizing glasses, i-cords, paper pads, Post-its, checkbooks, and additional office supplies.

Large Purse Perfector used in an office drawer to keep items in place and easily found.
Large Purse Perfector used in an office drawer to keep items in place and easily found.
Purse Perfector in a lingerie drawer to organize wallets, tapes and shoe aids.
Purse Perfector in a lingerie drawer to organize wallets, tapes and shoe aids.

And tucked into a lingerie drawer, I have a Black with Berry purse organizer to keep additional cosmetic bags, lingerie tape, i-cords (they’re everywhere, aren’t they?), glasses, shoe pads and other miscellaneous items to help me get dressed with flash and dash.

Do you have other ways you have found to manage your life with your Purse Perfector purse organizer?

Please post a photo of how you use your Purse Perfector to our Facebook or #HowDoYOUPerfectYourLife ? Pinterest board by November 25th and we will award the best idea with a Large Purse Perfector!

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Purse Perfector 15% Off! Treat yourself to an organized purse!

Why should kids get all the goodies at Halloween? Have you been waiting for the perfect time to turn your goody bag into an organized purse?

Enjoy 15% off your own Purse Perfector insert with our Halloween promotion.

Tame your shoulder boulder with this purse organizer that is made in California. For an organized bag, add your cosmetics, phone, e-reader, glasses, wallet and cards – or candy – to the 13 tailored pockets in two sections. Place the tall section of the Purse Perfector toward the back of your favorite purse and you will always be able to find what you need quickly and when you need it. You’ll save time by having a predictable place for everything you carry. Every day. In any purse.

Oh, and then move the purse organizer to your other favorite purse tomorrow!

Sometimes you might only want to carry a few items in a smaller bag. No problem! Just unzip the two sections and slip the shorter section into your clutch or purse. It’s like magic, but no incantations! Just a perfect purse every time.

This lightweight purse organizer is also machine washable (air dry), so it will save the inside of your handbags from cosmetic leaks and ink stains. A neat treat for your purses for many years to come.

Lg Silver at Royal Botanic GardensThis is no trick: Through Halloween, Saturday October 31, 2015, take 15% off with the promo code TREAT.

No matter whether you are heading to work, picking up kids after school, going to soccer or football games, or off for a bit of shopping or dinner and a movie, your new Purse Perfector insert will give you peace of mind. You will be able to get your phone and find your keys every day if you follow these quick tips:

  • Find a place for all of your items (see our suggestions in the diagram below);
  • Take out any extra items (how many toys do you really need to carry in your purse for your kids?)
  • When you take something out, always return it to the same place;
  • Occasionally when you take Purse Perfector out to change purses, remove extra items and receipts;
  • Repeat the steps above.

Enjoy this little Halloween delight and feel free to share our limited-time promotion code with your favorite ghouls with purses in need of organizing. Trick or treat!

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