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No Stress Vacation Photos

SLR type camera - wide Depth of FieldIt’s wonderful to have Jody Al-Saigh from Picture Perfect Organizing to be a guest blogger once again for us. Today she’s imparting some great tips on how to enjoy not only your next vacation, but all of the wonderful photos you’ll take while you’re away.

Just like other types of organizing, keeping up with your photos is an ongoing task. I recommend to clients to try to go through photos on a monthly basis. But vacation photos add a whole new element to this process. Sometimes we take hundreds of pictures in just one vacation. That’s when my clients say to me:

“Now what?!”

The good news is, with a little preparation, you can do some of your sorting and organizing as you take your photos, for instance, on a vacation.

Before you travel, label a series of large envelopes or manila folders with the date and location you will be each day/week. This will be a catch-all for any memorabilia you collect along the way – ticket stubs, brochures, postcards.

As you are taking photos at different locations, take a photo of a sign or another descriptive shot so you will know where you are in each photo. This will help you later if you choose to make albums and want to include descriptive captions. It’s also helpful if you visit a lot of places that look similar. Marble statues and ornate cathedrals begin to blur together once you are out of vacation mode!

At the end of the day, keep a journal or log of the day’s events, special people you met, or places you went. This can be in a small notebook you keep in your pocket or the notes app on your smartphone. On this log, you can also keep a running list of people in the pictures alongside the picture number from your camera.

When you get home, if you have prints made, label them immediately, even if you don’t have time to work with them yet. This will save you from stress and headache later – after all isn’t that why you took a vacation in the first place?!