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Have it All at Your Fingertips, Everywhere You Go

When the Purse Perfector is already part of your daily purse routine, you know where your normal crucial companions like your wallet, sunglasses and lipLarge Black with Silver Purse Perfector insert gloss are located.  Without switching anything, you can easily slide your passport into the middle compartment and your hotel key card into the back outside pocket for easy access.  During the travel itself here are 5 tips to simplify travel stress by using your Purse Perfector:

  1. Load your Purse Perfector with your daily essentials and return those items to the same place each time.  It makes finding your items by touch so much faster.
  2. While traveling, “zone” your liquids (lip gloss, hand sanitizer, etc.) in the same area so you can remove quickly and easily to go through airline security areas.
  3. Use the back pocket for your hotel key card.  With your phone in the shorter section, your phone won’t demagnetize your hotel key card and you can slip your key card out effortlessly to get into your room.
  4. Unzip 2 sides of the Purse Perfector and slide it into the front pocket of your rolling travel tote.  Remove the liquids for airline travel and roll onto the plane without juggling a purse too.  Pack an unstructured purse into your rolling tote and you will be ready to “reload” your purse when you reach your destination.
  5. For an active vacation, be sure to add small containers of first aid cream, band-aids, analgesics, or other medications into the shorter section.

Of course we can’t guarantee you’ll remember to pack your toothbrush, but at least you’ll remember your wallet to buy a new one in the airport…

2 thoughts on “Have it All at Your Fingertips, Everywhere You Go

  1. This is a great concept.

    It makes me think that it would also be fantastic to instantly convert your cute purse into an incognito camera bag if it were padded a bit, and expanded with walls that can move with velcro to adjust to differnt needs (multiple lenses, camera body, etc) and to keep your other stuff organized.

    Just a thought!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Brandi. I’m also a photographer when not behind a computer or a sewing machine (see my photos and review of Chicago fabric stores in the April-May 2010 issue of Vogue Pattern magazine). In order to carry 2-4 cameras, lenses, chargers, etc. on trips I have functional, but unattractive camera bags. I’d like to develop ones that look more like a great purse in fabrics that won’t pill clothes.

    I think there are thousands of women that would like this and hope to develop my concepts soon.

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