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Spring Cleaning for Your Purse

Large Black with Silver Purse Organizer

Spring has finally sprung and the world takes a collective sigh as the final traces of winter begin to fade. Most of us are opening the windows, turning on our Spotify, and getting to work on some household spring cleaning. However, if you’re not quite ready for that (the warm weather hasn’t fully set in yet), we recommend you begin spring cleaning and organizing something you use every day: your purse!

In today’s busy world, we too often use our handbags as a catch-all collecting candy wrappers, unneeded receipts, and loose change. If your bag could use some spring cleaning TLC, here are six steps to help you rejuvenate your organization:

1. Start with a clean slate.

We recommend starting by emptying your entire bag. Take everything out, shake out loose crumbs, change, and wrappers over the garbage can, not forgetting to open and unzip all compartments! Next, take a damp cloth and wipe out the interior and exterior of your bag. If you have some fabric refresher, give it a light spray – Chanel No. 5 works great, too! Hopefully during this process, you’ll find that ring you thought you lost or even a surprise $20!

2. Consider your handbag options.

Is the bag you’re cleaning out too worn to use anymore? Does it need repaired or dry cleaned? Is it out of season and not following current colors or trends? Is it time to retire this bag and get something new? These are all things to consider when you’ve emptied out the contents and wiped it down. Spring is a great time to revamp your wardrobe, so it might be time to treat yourself to a new bag, maybe even that Birkin you’ve had your eye on – alright, that’s a bit of a stretch and a dream for most of the world, but you get the point.

3. Sort it out.

Once you have emptied out your bag and selected which handbag you are going to use, it’s time to begin organizing! Sort your items into piles:

  • Use every day: i.e. credit cards, wallet, lipstick, parking pass
  • Use once a week/month: i.e. car wash tickets, store loyalty cards, friend’s spare key
  • Never use: old grocery lists, spare diaper that has been outgrown, children’s socks

Out of your piles, what can you throw away, store elsewhere, or use in your everyday handbag?

4. De-winterize your purse.

Now that winter is over (hooray!), what can you take out of your purse and store? We’re talking cold medicine, hats and gloves, hot hands – you name it! Once you have purged your winter supplies away, begin thinking about what you will need for spring. Right off the bat, we recommend sunscreen and a new stock of tissues and Allegra for allergy season.

5. Change up your makeup.

Not only do we change our accessories and wardrobes for spring, but we also change up our makeup. Time to shelve those dark, gloomy colors and buy some new, bright ones for spring! To see the hottest color trends for spring, check out Pantone’s Spring 2015 Color Lineup – we especially love the color of the year, Marsala!

Once you’ve decided what to do away with for spring, decide what needs to be thrown out due to out-of-season colors or damage. By the time you’ll need it for the next season, it will more than likely be expired anyway.

6. Invest in a Purse Perfector.

Even the most organized of people find they can get disorganized at times. Let a Purse Perfector help keep your handbag organized at all times! We have several colors and sizes to choose from. Check out our shopping page to see which one is right for you!

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Let us help you get organized in 2015

2015-300x115To get 2015 off to a great start, why not begin with something small, but effective? In fact, we believe that if you organize your handbag, you’ll be taking a huge step towards getting your life organized.

The simplicity and ease of an organized handbag is nothing to be trivialized. How many of you ladies knew you put something important in your handbag, but when you went to pull it out at the needed time, it was no where to be found?

We’ll give you 15% off a Purse Perfector with code 15SPECIAL at checkout . With our help, there’s no excuse to have a messy handbag.



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What are you buying Mom this year?

May-2014-NLWhen it comes to buying the perfect gift for your Mom, the possibilities are endless. Should you get her flowers? Or maybe candy? How about something that she’ll use every day all year long?

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving. By giving your Mom a Purse Perfector, every time she opens up her handbag, she’ll think of you.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11 this year. To help you make this the year your Mom will remember for a long time, we’re giving you 25% off list prices. Use promo code MOM2014 at checkout through May 11.

This code isn’t just for shopping for Mom, either. Treat yourself or a special friend to a Purse Perfector. 

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January is GO month: Save 30% on a Purse Perfector

GO MONTHThe National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) proclaims January as “GO” month each year. That’s “get organized” for you and me. Sometimes the idea of getting organized can become so overwhelming that we take the high road and do nothing.  

This year, we’d like to help you get started by tackling something we believe you can simply and easily organize. It’s utterly and completely doable: your handbag. End January on a great note by not only clearing the clutter out your most used accessory, but by doing it with our help. Take 30% off our list price on both the medium and large Purse Perfectors. In addition, we’ve marked our outlet items down even more to 40% off list prices! Use code ORGANIZE2014 at checkout. If you need help getting started on how to organize your handbag, we have some posts on here that will help you: or

This offer runs from January 24 through January 31.



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Purse Perfector profile in Cincinnati Business Courier

As my recent blog entry described, the last year has been a great education for me in getting the Purse Perfector out of my sewing room and into your purses and handbags. But a recent interview with Lucy May of the Cincinnati Business Courier, helped expand on those thoughts.

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What I’ve learned in the past year

It’s been a fast, full year.

It started when my sewing teacher Sandra Betzina, introduced me to Seymour Jaron in San Francisco in March 2009. Seymour showed me that he could hand-tailor the Purse Perfector in America, my dream since 2001. I thought that my path would be clear, but I had so much to learn.

As a life-long sewer (and fabricaholic), I knew the type of durable, washable fabric I needed for the Purse Perfectors. Seymour helped me find a good manufacturer. Then came decisions on zippers and embroidery colors. How many units, which colors, what’s the best delivery system?

But learning how to build an online web-store was the most daunting task. What is SEO? Where do you get an SSL and why? That was just the beginning. And it doesn’t end once you go live. It’s been about 370 days since the website went up. There have been so many changes that it would be impossible to count them. But now I know what to ask for and perhaps how to shorten the learning curve. If only there was a comic book primer for entrepreneurs whose skills lie elsewhere.

Last year I didn’t know what NAPO was. Now I’m a huge fan and an associate member. Janine Sarna-Jones, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), referred one of her NYC clients to my website. That sale led me to joining NAPO and attending their annual conference in Columbus, Ohio – only 2 hours away!

Working with NAPO members across the country has been a terrific experience. They have enthusiastically shared Purse Perfectors with their clients nationwide. I’ll be attending the NAPO San Francisco Bay area One Day conference in October and look forward to being with the thoughtful and energetic members in that great city.

The greatest education and joy I’ve had in the last year is how helpful people have been to get my sewing room creation out of my house and into your purse. Friends and mentors over the years have introduced me to others to get me to the next connection and the next. I am very blessed with the many people have led me to this day.

The power of women’s friendship is also part of what I’ve been able to witness this year. One example: a neighbor bought Purse Perfectors as gifts for her sisters. Her sister in Cary, North Carolina then had lunch with her friends and over 2 days, I received 5 orders from Cary. Women share the things we love and I’ve seen the power of that from Cincinnati to Cary, Billings to Annapolis, to NYC, Toronto and Milwaukee.

I’ve also updated my my geography skills: Purse Perfectors are in every state but Alaska, in many parts of Canada and in 16 other countries.

Transforming women’s lives, one purse at a time.

I don’t know what the next year will bring, but if it’s anything like the last year, I’ll welcome it with open arms. I just may try to sleep, exercise and sew a little more.