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Celebrate Memorial Day with “Made in America”

In honor of Memorial Day, we thought it was appropriate to highlight a recent ABC World News series called Made in America.

If you waved an American flag today, do you know where it was made? (Hint: Lots of flags are actually made in China.) If yours has the Annin brand on it, you can be confident you’re flying a made-in-the-USA flag. The Made in America series featured Annin Flagmakers, which runs its largest factory in Coshocton, Ohio. Annin makes 50,000 flags a day — more than 5,500 flags an hour, 93 U.S. flags a minute. They also have plants in New Jersey and Virginia.

During the past few months, ABC has explored the notion of where all of our “stuff” (and we have a lot of it!) is made. More than half of what we Americans buy gets manufactured abroad, but there are plenty of great products being made in the USA — including the Purse Perfector. Our handbag organizers are all manufactured in San Francisco, then hand-packed and shipped by a Cincinnati nonprofit, Easter Seals Work Resource Center, which is dedicated to training the developmentally disabled in meaningful work for a variety of businesses.

Why buy products that are made in America? It helps us and our neighbors improve the U.S. economy. According to ABC News, if we each bought $3.33 more in U.S.-made goods each year, it would create 10,000 U.S. jobs. So next time you hear of a product or brand that’s “made in the USA,” consider the jobs you’ll be helping to create by choosing that brand over a foreign-made competitor. Now that’s patriotic!

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