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Comments on your Purse Perfector?

Here are some things that people have said about their purse perfectors:

* I love how I can zip the Purse Perfector apart to move it to a smaller evening bag! No more last minute scramble when rushing out the door!

* I love my PP! I think I may be carrying around more stuff with me now that I am so organized & can find it. Now all I need is a desk perfector…
p.s. I just tweeted the Ellen Show about the PP – if Oprah won’t listen, maybe Ellen will!

* I just purchased the Aque coloured one! I can’t wait until it gets here! I’m a very organized person and I try to stay organized in my purse, but I just find it so difficult. I’m really hoping this does the trick and more! 😀 I will share photos and my review on it once it comes in the mail.

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