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A Visit with Lyn

Lyn Marsteller, founder and inventor of Purse Perfector, stopped by Norris Products in Cincinnati to demonstrate how easy it is to use all your bags with Purse Perfector.

Norris Products Corp, the manufacturer of Purse Perfector, is a Cincinnati-based company that specializes in “products for people going places.”

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Getting Around to Procrastination Day

National Procrastination Day – September 6, 2016

It’s almost here. The time to take charge. The time to say to yourself, “I’m finally going to do this.”

Yes, September 6 is National Fight Procrastination Day. As an added, cruel twist of fate, the day falls on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend when we are supposed to focus on what we do—not what we don’t do.

It’s the occasion when people get a temporary shot of inspiration and start spewing famous quotes our mothers told us like “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Or the stinging question, “do you know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea? Nothing.”

So if procrastination is opportunity’s assassin, we better start dodging the bullets. It’s time to get around to recognizing this national day that I am certain was not created by slackers. I invite you – no, I challenge you – to list the top five things you have been avoiding and how you are going to tackle them. Five is manageable. If it were 10, you just may not get the ball rolling.

Five Organization Tasks I have been Avoiding

Here are mine:

  1. Organize my handbags in my closet
  2. Get fall purses ready
  3. Use a Purse Perfector to sort supplies in my sewing basket
  4. Organize my granddaughter’s Shopkins in a Purse Perfector
  5. Figure out what Shopkins are

Obviously, I have a theme and it has to do with continuing to organize my life with Purse Perfector. What are your action items for National Fight Procrastination Day?

Well, my procrastination gene kicked in full-force and I wasn’t able to post this blog about National Fight Procrastination Day until the day after! I’ll be better next year…

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A Little Game called Card Roulette

Every woman knows the anxiety of reaching into her purse hoping to find a business card, a credit card, a gift card, or even an insurance card; and then met with panic the moment it’s not in its rightful place. You begin tearing your purse apart like a mad person until you find it in the bottom of the bag. Stress subsides and you promise yourself that the next time you’ll be more organized. However, that next time comes and you once again find panic coming over you.

Well, what if I told you that you need not stress about those lost cards again, because with the Purse Perfector all those tense moments are replaced with calm self-confidence. This lightweight organization tote easily fits in all purses, big and small. Now all you need to worry about is the amazed looks you receive when you retrieve small items in seconds.

Designed to help organize and limit confusion, the Purse Perfector has many slots and pockets designed to carry and secure everyday items you find in women’s purses, most importantly, those stubborn cards that always seem to fall out and land in the bottom of the bag. Purse Perfector has a built-in card slot located on the back side (perfect for hotel key cards), for easy access while also keeping a tight hold so they never go missing.

So next time you’re in a long line at Starbucks, or you need to show your picture ID to TSA staff at the airport, or you’re taking your adventuresome children to the hospital with a broken arm, don’t panic about retrieving the right card. Simply reach into the designated spot for cards in your Purse Perfector and take a deep breath of relief when it is exactly where you left it.

To help you win at card roulette, take 15% off your order with the promo code AUGUSTSALE through August 7!

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Travel Secrets of Top Models & 20% off Purse Perfector!

When you’re headed to the runway (the airport—not the fashionable kind) there’s good news. A makeup revolution is taking place. Gone are the days when travelers poured makeup into drugstore-purchased plastic containers to satisfy TSA requirements. There will be no more sacrificing tubes of mascara or face cleanser because they weigh too much be transported in a carry on.

Say hello to TSA-approved high end cosmetics. While sample-sized makeup has been around for a while as free bonuses for cosmetic purchases, the country’s top beauty firms are heralding lines of new one to four ounce sizes in their advertising. That means you can look your fashion-model best with your beloved brands of makeup.

Take Lancôme for instance. You can now purchase their top-selling Absolue day cream in .5, 1.7 and 2.6 ounce packaging. The company recently added the words “TSA-approved” to their print advertising.

Tired of liquid eye makeup remover spilling? Sephora offers a waterproof eye makeup remover in 1.69 ounce or 4.2 ounce sizes.

As an avid traveler, I have said farewell to security mishaps when it comes to my makeup. I recommend keeping your quart ziplock bag either in the long center pocket of your handbag’s Purse Perfector or in the outside pocket of your carry on. Although I am TSA and Global Entry-approved, I still maintain the plastic bag. Rules change too quickly.

As for my mini makeup, they all have perfect spots in my Purse Perfector. The smaller sizes fit perfectly in the Purse Perfector’s tailored pockets along with lipstick, gloss and lip pencil. The shorter front sections are perfect for mini sizes of hand sanitizer, my Tide To-Go Pen, tube of ibuprofen, and mini pack of tissues. Unlike a professional model’s ongoing dieting to lose weight, you can lose weight—purse weight—simply by switching to mini/travel sizes of makeup and other beauty essentials in your Purse Perfector.

It’s our biggest sale of the year! Enter promo code USAMADE2016 for 20% off your choice of Purse Perfector (sale items not included) through July 10! Start shopping now!

Large Black with Silver Purse Perfector™Family At Airport Passing Through Security CheckBig collection of different makeup cosmetics

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In Search of the Elusive Pen

I keep hearing the same complaint over and over like scenes from the movie “Groundhog Day.”

It goes like this: “Why is it that every time I need a pen I can’t find one? My purse seems like a black hole for pens of all shapes and colors. They seem to disappear like socks in the dryer.”

You might ask why we even need pens since so many transactions are electronic nowadays. In defense of the pen, it has not outgrown its use. We still sign checks and whipping out a pen is still the quickest way to jot down info from voice mail messages.

One pen lover confided, “I tried using a case for my pens. It sunk to the bottom of my purse, buried by all the larger necessities of life. Even my fancy Mount Blanc got eclipsed by a sun glass case and checkbook.”

Friends have told me they constantly face this challenge. Some have pen horror stories, like the time a pen exploded all over the lining of my friend’s new Hilde Pallidino bag from Europe. She entered a deep depression.

So is there a solution? Of course. Use Purse Perfector. It has a special slot just for pens that keeps them upright and at reach at all times. I promise the pens won’t fall out unless you are upside down on a roller coaster with an open purse. That seems rather unlikely.

And if the pen leaks or explodes? No worries. Purse Perfector is washable and quickly line-dries.

As we approach National Ball Point Pen Day on June 10, I invite everyone to join me in unabashed love for the pen. Like newspapers and cable TV, I am just not ready to let go. Allow Purse Perfector to keep a secure hold on your pens for you.

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TSA Travel Tips with Purse Perfector

The intersection of heightened summer travel and lengthy airport security lines has resulted in a snarky campaign dubbed hashtag #IHateTheWait. Recently the situation was most evident at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport where security lines snaked so far throughout the airport that 450 travelers missed their flights and were forced to spend the night on airport cots.

Why the sudden extra-long lines for airport security? According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the number of airline passengers has increased 12% since 2011 while the number of screeners has declined by 12%, the victims of federal budget cuts. With 6,000 fewer TSA screeners than three years ago, one doesn’t know what to expect anymore when flying.

It’s best to be prepared. Here are some TSA travel tips:

  1. Prevent purse spills and save time. Don’t you just hate it when your bag is forced to lean sideways along the security conveyer belt? When you retrieve your purse on the other side, the contents are spread everywhere, often midst other passengers’ belongings. The solution: using a Purse Perfector will keep your purse or bag contents securely in place so you can be on your way to the gate instead of taking inventory of your belongings.
  2. Be ready for the long waits. Purse Perfector is, well, perfect, for holding the emergency supplies that have become a must nowadays for airline travelers. In addition to your wallet, keys, tickets and book, here’s what some experts are encouraging you to have on hand (be sure to have any 3 ounce containers of liquids, creams or pastes in your quart-sized plastic bag):
  • Small tube of toothpaste and tooth brush for airport or in-flight tooth brushing
  • Hand and eye cream for in-flight and airport dry skin relief
  • Travel-sized pain reliever (for coping with those loooong lines)
  • A dosage of vital medications in case of unexpected delays
  • Face wipes that can also be used for body cleansing
  • A spot cleaning pen
  • A deodorant packet. I got mine after my annual mammogram screening.
  1. Sign up for a rapid check-in program such as TSA PreCheck or Global Entry for international travel. TSA PreCheck costs $85 and is good for 5 years and Global Entry is good for 5 years for a $100 fee.
  2. Fly from a smaller, less busy airport. For instance, instead of JFK, try Newark.
  3. Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They are considered the least busy days of the week.

Purse Perfector wishes you a smooth, hassle-free vacation season.

Unzipped L Navy:Silver for flightM Blk:BerryL Navy:Silver for flight


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Macy’s Merchandise Expert Reveals Spring Handbag “Must-Haves”

It’s spring, time for reorganizing, cleaning and downsizing. That means an opportunity to part with those big, clunky winter bags that stored extra shoes, gloves and scarves, and transition to the latest trends for the season.

According to Devon Bitzer, executive My Stylist @ Macy’s, there are three “must haves” for spring 2016:

  1. The Mini Bag. They come in an array of dazzling colors and light weight designer brands perfect for work as well as casual outings.
  2. The Drawstring Bag. It has made a come-back! These bags are available in various sizes and shapes. The photo below shows a Fossil Jules Fringe Drawstring Bag.
  3. The Novelty Bag. Don’t be surprised to see the newest going-out bags in the shape of food or emblazoned with emoji’s on the outside. They are fun and whimsical.

Devon, whose career path started as a buyer and veered toward perfecting the personal shopping experience, recently toured the Macy’s handbag section with Purse Perfector Founder Lyn Marsteller. They started with a yellow Michael Kors XS Crossbody mini bag called the Ava Bag shown below. Lyn demonstrated how to easily divide a medium Purse Perfector in half for a small bag and voila! It fit inside like a glove. That’s when Devon got a revelation. “The Purse Perfector actually helps you decide what you really need to carry in your bag. My new motto is, ‘if it doesn’t have a place to go in the Purse Perfector, you probably don’t need it.’”

What about the drawstring bag? Can the Purse Perfector fit as snuggly with that purse’s structure? “I was impressed with the material that the Purse Perfector is made of,” says Devon. “It molds to the shape of the drawstring bags beautifully.”

“It’s nice to know that you can unzip a Purse Perfector and place it in any purse,” concluded Devon. “I just love the convenience it brings to me and to my clients.”


Kate Spade Ice Cream Francis Bag, retails for $198 (left)

Fossil Jules Fringe Drawstring Bag, retails for $148 (middle)

Michael Kors XS Ava Crossbody Mini Bag, retails for $178 (right)

Purse Perfector fits beautifully in the stylish yellow Michael Kors Ava Mini Bag

Purse Perfector

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Top 10 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Needs Purse Perfector

Life is getting more complicated for Kim Kardashian. With husband Kanye having to start a “Go Fund Me Page” and two kids to lug around, traveling is getting more difficult. Here are the top 10 reasons why Kim could really use a Purse Perfector:

Top 10 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Needs Purse Perfector

  1. It will protect the inside of her $14,000 Hermes black crocodile Kelly handbag accentuated with gold hardware just as easily as the $1,400 Alexander McQueen Faithful Satchel
  2. The 13 compartments will easily house a day’s worth of shopping receipts, designer sunglasses, cell phone, tissues, pens, wallet, lip stick and a whole lot of makeup
  3. It easily divides in half so that she can slip it in an evening bag and let Khloe use the other half for a night out on the town
  4. It can also be used in Saint’s diaper bag for pacifier, toys, wipes, diapers and silver binkie and to house North’s rapper action figures
  5. The center pocket dividing the short and tall sections can easily fit a large checkbook and even more make up
  6. Handy outer pockets are perfect for hiding that flash drive with her 2014 appearance on 2 Broke Girls and pictures from her Selfie book
  7. In just seconds Kanye can reach down and grab the checkbook when needed
  8. Contents in the Purse Perfector are snug and won’t spill, even when driving 100 miles per hour to avoid paparazzi
  9. The sturdy fabric and stitching make it easy for the maid to machine wash it
  10. Items fit snugly in the Purse Perfector so they won’t spill out on the airport security conveyor to reveal Kim’s personal copy of her Fit in Your Jeans by Friday video.


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Stellar Organizing Tips for 2016 with Lyn Marsteller

Organizing Tips for 2016 with Lyn Marsteller

Ready to tackle that New Year’s resolution to get better organized? Purse Perfector Founder Lyn Marsteller has some “stellar” tips for you on organizing your drawers and closet space. She appeared in two segments on Fox 19 News with some practical organization ideas for everyday life. She also provided some great advice on packing for travelling and of course using your Purse Perfector throughout your journey. Click here to see Lyn in action.

Ask the Organizer

So What’s That Space Between the Driver’s and Passenger Seat Called?

Have you ever wondered what to call that area between the passenger and driver’s seat? It’s that cool, non-descript storage area in most cars that is hidden by an armrest. It’s really no longer the CD holder since music is now streaming. And since the arm rest covers it, it’s not exactly a safe spill-proof Starbucks hideaway. For many, it’s the equivalent to the kitchen junk drawer.

When performing a search for the answer, I got much more that I bargained for. There is quite an international controversy over whether it is part of the center console or simply “the place under the armrest.” Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon numerous articles with titles such as “How to Add Secret Compartments to Your Car to Hide Anything: A Complete Guide for the Criminal in All of Us.” Right in front of me were instructions on how to make an under-seat compartment to stash contraband and how to create a handy nook in your center console for firearms lacking a concealed carry permit.

Let’s face it. Most of us just want a place to neatly store our essentials for easy retrieval.

That’s where Purse Perfector fits in. It’s for more than just purses. Simply place your favorite large size Purse Perfector in the compartment and fill it with the necessities: sunglasses, lip stick, chap stick, hand sanitizer, tissues, loose change, cough drops, parking passes, and a book or Kindle to read when you are waiting to start the carpool. Everything is there without having to dangerously stretch to the passenger seat or floor. It is safe, tidy and, with a quick flick of the armrest, no one has to ever wonder what you are trying to hide in your car.

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Be As Royal As Kate Middleton; You DO Have A Snowballs’ Chance!

Be As Royal As Kate Middleton; You DO Have A Snowballs' Chance!

You have the poise, the fashions and now the chance to have a regal, limited edition royal purple or a berry Purse Perfector.  This rich-looking purple is fit for, well, a princess. Have you ever wondered why all the fuss about purple being the color of royalty?

A lot of it has to do with Queen Elizabeth I.  Purple dye was rare and expensive those days. Wearing purple was a clever way to distinguish the monarchy from the Elizabethan subjects. The queen forbad everyone except close members of the royal family to have or wear purple attire and accessories.

Flash forward. We are free to indulge in as much purple as we want! You don’t have to wear a hat, drink high tea or be a resident of Buckingham Palace to enjoy your purple. Purse Perfector has you covered.  Could a purple Perfector be in the cards for the ever-organized Kate Middleton?  Or Queen Elizabeth?

Feel royal now by getting your limited edition Purse Perfector. But hurry before supplies run out. Here’s a quick link for ordering.