About Purse Perfector

Lyn Marsteller, inventor of the Purse Perfector, had many careers and artistic interests over the years, but sLyn's Sewing Cornerewing was always a constant in her life. When she began traveling more, she sewed many travel wardrobes, but couldn’t find a purse that was attractive, functional and adaptable for the many parts of her day and travel. Returning from a trip to Italy, she was determined to create her own “perfect purse.”

Design breakthrough

After hours of designing, measuring and sewing, Lyn realized it wasn’t the purse that she needed to alter, it was her “stuff” that needed corralling! After 12 versions, she had solved her purse challenge. With Lyn’s invention, she could ignore interior pockets, change purses in seconds, whip out a pen quickly, or answer her phone by the second ring. According to the interior of the purse, she could change the configuration of the Purse Perfector to accommodate a backpack, a small bag, a briefcase, or the rolling tote she takes on board planes. Lyn was thrilled, and before long, all her friends wanted one.

We hope you enjoy filling your Purse Perfector, changing purses as often as you like and knowing where to find everything in your purse! Whatever your day brings, whatever bag you have, the Purse Perfector puts everything right at your fingertips!

Award-winning product

Lyn Marsteller and the Purse Perfector were selected as the 2010 Best New Product/Service of the Year by the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce WE (Women Excel) Celebrate program.